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Monkey find the way to bananas (Happy Box) free puzzle games

4.4 ( 6544 ratings )
Gry Rozrywka Przygoda Układanki
Desenvolvedor: Wai Chin Ng

Once upon a time, there were a monkey king living in the mountain cave. The monkey king is responsible for taking care and manage a large numbers of monkeys living there. Since there was getting more and more monkeys living there. The king had assigned a monkey team to find the food for their c.

Kong was the leader of the team. Kong is a very smart monkey and always finish the missions quickly. He can always find the shortcut to the food. As a leader, he want to save the effort and time of the team. Before collecting the food, Kong would like to find the tricks to collect the food. So it wont waste time.

On the way of finding decilous banana and fruits, there were full of fun and challenges. The clever monkeys can go through all the traps and difficulties. They found a lot of banana, corn and food for the little monkeys.

Will you come and help them?